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Welcome to bad router list.

What is the site? What is it about? Well, I will answer those questions, but first — I was just like you, loooking for a home router. Wanting the pure bliss of no wires.  A free roaming, nomad like experience, a wandering buffalo. As complicated as the landscape of home routers seems, I think I can help

So, I set about finding a router. On the way, I made a few discoveries, was alarmed at the bad state of the whole space of the industy and learned a whole lot about what not to buy.  This site is my contribution to getting you away from the bad stuff and maybe even finding a glimmer of hope and recommending some good stuff.
I’ve just realised in my meandering story, I also answered the questions I posed above. How efficient!

Bad router list – why

I was fed up of trying to find some information on GOOD, SECURE routers for home users that got regular firmware software updates and decided on the quite difficult task of figuring it out for myself – which router (brands) are good and which are bad for the non-technical home user? This is the information I found after reading (quite literally) hundreds of reviews + whitepapers + instruction manuals.

I have enabled comments for some of the pages here in hopes of gaining feedback and discussion. Please feel free to leave questions and comments and I’ll do my best to reply.

Digging through documentation, checking software files and looking at most of the routers I’ve listed.
Apart from one brand, I have owned each one of these manufaturer’s routers. THEY HAVE ALL BEEN SETUP, TESTED and configured by me. Some have been in use longer than others.