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Who am I and why should you caree what I have to offer?

My name is Andy, but that’s not so relevant. I have been an advanced computer user for years and do in depth research when the need requires it. I’m strong on privacy and security in all my technology purcahes/outlook whcih is a big part of my desire to stay safe and secure online.

As I mentioned on the home page, I have dedicated months of research and 1000’s of pounds towards the goal of finding routers that are secure for home/small business usage.

I found lots of router reviews, plenty of focus on how far the wifi signal extends, but far, far less to do with the security of the devices. I started to realise I was almost on my own in my search.

So, I dug in and learned abiut what makes a router vulnerable to attack? How can I take steps to prevent these attacks? It turns out that the manufacturer plays a huge role in this equation and they have to care. And…most don’t.

I hope by finding my site you feel a similar way about privacy and protecting your online life. EIther way, My site is available to anyone looking.

Good luck and stay safe.