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Good routers

The positive page that I hope focuses on the good routers and manufacturers out there. The following routers I have selected, based on research, extensive time spent setting up and using them. All of the below picks are not perfect, they perform better in some areas than others – some are cheaper – some have more advanced features. But the main thing is they are all well supported and receive frequent security and software updates for longer than a year after release. I have owned and used all of the routers listed below.


Cheaper option

Fritzbox 7530

Fritz!Box 7530 Review - Reviewify

The Fritzbox 7530. A router that has good range, can support multiple devices, has good throughput speeds and is a good price fro the home user. Reasons for purchase.

  • Manufacturer (AVM) is a German company (good EU privacy laws)
  • Fritzbox routers get updates from release for upto 4 years.
  • New features added via software updates as well as security patches
  • Basic mode for simple setup
  • Advanced mode for extra configuration options
  • Good all-round router in general.
  • One of the best ISPs in the UK (Zen) currently send this router out for all home broadband users.

More powerful version

Fritzbox 7590

FRITZ!Box 7590 | Overview | AVM International

Same Manufacturer as above (almost look identical) Main difference is the extra speed for wireless range

and a few extra features.

Second pick

Synology RT2600ac

Synology Router RT2600ac Released with VPN Plus

Synology RT2600ac. Has really good range, lots of features and is very easy to setup. Some of the advanced features are so good they are usually reserved for higher end enterprise devices (Radius server, IDP and VPN)

Advanced home pick

Draytek 2762ac

Vigor 2762ac ADSL/VDSL Router (IPv6 Ready) | NetXL

The drayek is also good enough to use for small businesses. Rock solid and lots of advanced features and settings to figure out and play with. Although this I would only say is suitable for advanced users, Draytek have great support and even a helpline that will help with configuring. The helpline is expensive though.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. All of the above routers are what I would recommend to friends and loved ones. 🙂

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